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10 Weeks Pregnant

What’s going on in my body?

Mothers usually experience constipation and irregular bowels during the 10th week of pregnancy. The baby is starting to develop its organ so, it takes more energy and proteins from the mother.

10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Growing Breasts

Morning Sickness

Mood Swings


Visible Veins

Increased Vaginal Discharge

What is the baby doing?

This week there is a lot of development happening inside the mother’s body.This week baby’s stomach will start producing digestive juices that will result in kidneys to make urine in large quantity.

Baby’s bones and cartilage will also start forming, shaping up the tiny knees, ankles and elbows which are will become more strong and active with every passing week.

He/she will also develop their tooth bud this week, preparing his/her little teeth under the gum, that won’t come out until the baby turns six months old.

10 Weeks Ultrasound

The baby has grown almost the size of a small potato and some of the organ formations can be seen through image tests like ultrasound.

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