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3 Weeks Pregnant

The sperm has already introduced itself and met the egg, and you’ve officially made a baby. However, your pregnancy still can’t be determined without a blood or urine test. The conception might have happened a few days ago, within 21 days of your last menstrual cycle, a there still time for your next period.

Now, you still likely won’t get a positive pregnancy test, but in the following couple of weeks, when the blastocyst has advanced into the uterus, the cells will start developing the placenta and hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). This surges during the first trimester and the ovaries to stop the production of eggs and start producing more estrogen and progesterone.

What’s going on in my body?

You might be excited about getting your pregnancy glow and belly, but that won’t happen after you become 7 weeks pregnant. Even though you might feel the same, but internally you are body flooding with hormones. You are likely to experience symptoms, which are generally caused during PMS which might include mild cramping, heavy boobs, and sore abdominal.  

What is the baby doing?

The egg has finally fertilized, and the baby’s gender has been determined. The newly fertilized egg aka marula is smaller than a salt grain that makes it hard to detect. In the fourth week, the structure of uterine lining can be seen via ultrasound which starts getting thicker when the marula reaches its destination, where your baby will develop week by week for the next 9 months. 

3 Week Pregnant Ultrasound

Congratulations! Your egg is now fertilized and is traveling through the fallopian tube which is now dividing into identical cells while on its way to the uterus. However, you won’t still be able to see the baby in the ultrasound.

Advice for 3 Weeks Pregnant Mothers

Make sure that you maintain a healthy diet, containing a decent amount of vitamins and nutrients in the early stages of pregnancy or even when you are just trying to conceive. 

Up the Protein

The baby requires extra protein in order to grow properly, so you should be ensured that you take at least three servings of protein-rich food a day during the initial weeks of the pregnancy.

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Track your Calcium Intake

If you do not consume sufficient calcium during your pregnancy, the baby will start sucking the calcium off your bones. So, it’s better that you maintain the calcium levels in your body. If you are still struggling to get enough calcium than consult a doctor. Avoid taking any drugs even multivitamins without consulting your doctor during pregnancy. 

Reminders for this week:

Take a pregnancy test

Consult a Doctor

Keep consuming folic acid and prenatal vitamins

Research about the first trimester

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