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4 Weeks Pregnant

Tracking pregnancy week by week allows patients to keep a check on the health of the baby and the mother. In the weeks of pregnancy, you won’t be able to experience to any major symptoms, but now you will get a positive result in the home-pregnancy test, which will give you something to feel excited about.

By the fourth month, 28 days have already passed, and it’s likely that will miss your period this month if you are pregnant. However, it is common in the 4th week of pregnancy to have slight spotting.      

Symptoms Experienced by 4 Weeks Pregnant Mothers

You will be able to get a positive result on your in-home pregnancy test, and the same hormones that helped in providing a positive pregnancy test can also cause the following symptoms in your body:


Mild Cramping


Mood Swings

Morning sickness

Fatigue Sore Breasts

What’s going on in my body?

Now that the baby has started developing in the body, he/she taking up a lot of your nutrients and vitamins, that will cause you to feel tired and dizzy. Ensure that you consume prenatal vitamins along with folic acid. It is necessary for the mother to consume an appropriate amount of prenatal vitamins to maintain the health of the baby.

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Folic Acid is an important supplement, which can prevent the baby from developing any defects. And we cannot stress more on why it should be consumed regularly. 

You will also feel your body getting a little chubbier and discover that you can no longer fit in your favorite slim jeans. But don’t worry as your pregnancy glow will make up for the weight gain.

What is the baby doing?

Your baby has grown into the size of a small poppy seed and is finally visible. Right now the baby is a collection of cells which are called Blastocyst, which will soon turn into an embryo.

4 Week Ultrasound

The baby, however small is finally visible in the images generated from the ultrasound. However, you will have to focus on it really hard to actually see it. It is now in the uterus, and it’s the layer of cells have started sucking on the nutrients and vitamins from the mother that helping in boosting its growth.

Note: Sometimes the gestational sac is too small of a dot, to be seen or distinguished in ultrasound at the 4th week, so don’t be alarmed.

Pregnancy Checklist

Make a prenatal appointment

Quit Smoking or Drinking

Give everybody the good news  

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