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6 things you should consider knowing about IVF

In vitro fertilisation is a process of fertilizing an egg with a sperm outside the body, while people are opening up towards this process, few of them still raise doubts towards it, this article would surely clear out few of them.

It is more common than you think it is

More people are going for IVF than you realize, globally every one in eight couples have a problem conceiving. The causes of infertility relate to a woman about 40% of the times and 40% of the times its due to causes of man, rest 20% of the times it’s a combination of causes from both the partners. People opt for fertility treatment due to reasons other than fertility problem such as when they are suffering from a genetic disease. 1 in every 50 babies is born through IVF. It’s important to break the stigma of fertility treatment being something odd and abnormal, for you to believe in the process.

Age Matters                                                                                                                               

When it comes to In vitro fertilisation the younger age it is performed the better the results and success rates could be. In Women, Fertility starts to decline right from the age of 35 and accelerates further in their late 30s and early 40s. When they are around 45 it becomes quite difficult to conceive, with this the chances of fertility treatment being successful also tends to decrease. Similarly in men too, the mutations occur and sperm quality starts declining with the passing time. Also, there is a decrease in the sperm count as their age increases.

It usually not the first course of action

You shouldn’t think of In vitro fertilisation the moment you get a problem conceiving, Its always used as the last resort in fertility treatment. You must consult your doctor who would be the best person to diagnose the actual problem and suggest you all possible solutions. Only when all other solutions tend to fail, IVF comes to the rescue. And it’s not only In vitro fertilisation there are other methods too, such as intra-uterine insemination, doctors decide which one to go for after performing certain diagnostics.

It is a Pricey Treatment

In many countries, the costing for In vitro fertilisation is based on cycles, and they tend to dig a quite big hole in the pocket. The solution here is to go for countries which provide cost-effective treatment such as India. Availability of expert doctors, high success rates and advanced facilities at private hospitals makes people discover options for fertility treatment in India. IVF treatment in India costs much less than global standards of costing. What’s better is that you could get this treatment done at any of the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. There are some organisations like MedMonks, which can help you in shortlisting hospitals and getting your trip planned.

Your lifestyle impacts the process

The daily life choices you make also affects your odds in fertility treatment, That is why often doctors recommend following a diet rich in protein and consuming vegetables to improve the quality of the embryo. Additionally, the partners are suggested to avoid alcohol as much as possible and have the optimum amount of sleep.

Side effects are quite rare

Though we have heard a lot about the side effects, we must know that the chances of their occurrence are as low as 1 %. We should also consider that not only IVF, any hormone therapy for that matter has these risks, medical practitioners try their best to plan their way out of these risks.

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