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6 Weeks Pregnant

At 6 weeks pregnant the baby starts, developing its features. This week the eyes and ears of the baby will start taking form, with bumps forming near their legs and arms which will eventually grow completely on the 40 weeks when he/she pops out. 

A lot happens in the mother’s body during the 6th week of pregnancy, it is a monumental time for the baby, as he has started the growth of his organs and features.

What’s going on in my body?

You are likely to feel a rise in your appetite as the days go by. You will also crave for specific food items, which should be consumed by the mother-to-be.

Your breast might also feel a little achy and tender because of increased flow of blood. This is normal during pregnancy as it prepared the body for breastfeeding. You can wear a supportive bra to prevent any discomfort. The increased progesterone levels can also slow down the digestive system. Regular exercise and a balanced diet can help with the digestion.

What is the baby doing?

The baby has grown into the size of a pomegranate seed, and his/her organs have started taking form. You will now look forward to visiting your doctor as your little angel has a tiny heartbeat now, that beats 105 times every minute which can be detected in the ultrasound.

Currently, he/she is developing a tiny brain, nervous system and his/her beautiful features (nose, ears and eyes).

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6 Weeks Ultrasound

The baby is growing and so are his/her heart, which makes it easier for you to detect him/her on the ultrasound. The size of the embryo grows approximately like the size of pomegranate seed which is 0.08 – 0.2 inches. 

Weekly Pregnancy Checklist

Take 400 mg of Folic Acid

Exercise or take small walks

Stop eating preserved food items

Increase your calcium intake

Drink 8-12 glasses of water

Eat High-Fiber Foods

Keep your sugar and blood pressure in check

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