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7 Weeks Pregnant

You will still find yourself standing in front of the mirror and pretending to have a baby bump at the 7th week of pregnancy. You will have to wait a few more weeks before you get a pregnant belly.  

Although the brain development of the baby will continue to go on long after their birth, its basic sections have been formed. As the days will progress the baby’s lungs and digestive system will also start developing. The facial features are getting sharper with time and the limbs are now shaped like small pedals.

Another important development that takes this place is the umbilical cord of the baby. This cord is very crucial as it builds a connection between the mother and the baby, throughout the pregnancy which allows the oxygen and nutrients to flow in the baby, while also eliminating the baby’s waste.  

What’s going on in my body?

Your tummy is yet to grow the baby bump, but you have definitely gained a few pounds. Your appetite is increasing with every week as the size of the baby grows in your body.

7 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms


Morning Sickness

Increase in Appetite

Craving for specific foods


Itchy Skin

7 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

You will experience double times symptoms and effects of pregnancy when you will be having twins. The symptoms will double as there are two lives growing inside you, making it essential for mothers who are expecting more than one children, to manage their diet plans accordingly. 

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What is the baby doing?

The baby has created its limbs this week, and his leg and arm buds have begun to sprout and grow stronger and longer, dividing into different segments, like shoulders, hand, and arm, and foot, leg and knee. He/she also has a teeny tiny kidney now.

7 Weeks Ultrasound

The size of the baby has increased into peanut and is growing with every passing week. He/she can now be seen from the ultrasound because of his/her firm heartbeat.

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