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8 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations, you have almost completed two months of pregnancy. Now the fun part starts as your belly will grow, and people will start giving you extra attention where ever you go.

Your belly at 8 weeks pregnant?

Your belly will start showing at 8 weeks of pregnancy; your uterus is continuously expanding as the size of your baby increases, however, in some cases the mother might take longer to show any signs outside.

How big is your baby?

The baby has grown into the size of a raspberry measuring approx .63 inches and weighs around .04 ounces at 8 weeks of pregnancy. He/she is growing one millimeter every day now. So keep your diet healthy and nutritious. Baby has developed his/her features and is now

8 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Prenatal checkups are more fun now, as your baby is visible in the ultrasound and you can compare his/her growth every week or month. You can’t feel any movement in your belly, but the baby is constantly moving with his buds like legs and arms.

8 Weeks Pregnant Care

Hormone levels can go crazy during pregnancy, making it important to track them. White and red blood count in the mother’s body should also be maintained for the proper growth and safety of the baby.

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Usually, during routine prenatal checkups, the blood of the mother is tested for HIV, STDs, Hepatitis B and other immunities.

These routine checkups will allow the doctor to detect any infection or abnormality in the mother or the baby.

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