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9 Weeks Pregnant

You are in your third month now. You and your baby has finally touched the milestone, he/she is no longer an embryo – it is a fetus now. These two stages are crucial phases of baby’s development. It is the right time for future parents to start reading maternity books and creating a budget to handle the expenses of their little angel.

What’s going on in my body?

As the baby has become a fetus, its growth rate has increased, which means that it is taking the majority of nutrition and vitamins consumed by the mother. A mother needs to put extra emphasis on her diet and ensure that she does not consume any food item that could damage her or her baby’s health.

The mother should start gaining weight during the 9th week. They should increase their diet and avoid starving themselves, cause they have another human to feed inside them.

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What is the baby doing?

The baby is growing rapidly inside the mother’s body. He/she has turned into a fetus now. Baby has also developed strong heartbeats which can be picked and detected by a fetal doppler. Babies usually weigh .07 ounces and grow .9 inches in size at 9 weeks pregnant.

Symptoms during 9 Weeks Pregnant

Mood Swings

Morning Sickness

Frequent Urination


Nasal Congestion



Weird Dreams


Pregnancy Cramps

Heightened Sense of Smell

Sore Breasts

9 Weeks Ultrasound

Mostly ultrasounds for 9 weeks pregnant mothers done transvaginally. Usually, prenatal checkup takes place between 8th to 12th week so even if you haven’t visited a doctor yet, soon you are going to. The baby develops facial features and starts looking a bit like a human, which makes it fun to look at him/her through an ultrasound.

“Weekly Pregnancy Checklist

Take 400 mg of Folic Acid

Exercise or take small walks

Stop eating preserved food items

Increase your calcium intake

Drink 8-12 glasses of water

Eat High-Fiber Foods

Keep your sugar and blood pressure in check.”

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