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A Brief Review- Cervical Spine Surgery and Cost

The prime objective of cervical spine surgery is to do away with pain, reinstate proper nerve function and ward off abnormal spinal movements. The spinal surgeon performs this surgery by taking out a portion of a bone or disc, after which the spine is combined with a bone graft precisely in the front and end segment of vertebrae.

In the cervical spine surgery, two specific types of bone grafts are performed including, autograft and allograft. Both of these bone grafts are attached with the help of specific metal wires and screws. After the completion of surgery, unnatural movements of the spine are prevented which in turn helps in reducing the pain.

People with cervical spine problems are recommended a spinal surgery. Also, people suffering from instability issues, serious trauma etc. In addition, cervical spinal surgery is used to aid regeneration of the spine.

In many cases, a revision of cervical spine surgery is required. It is done to correct the deformity in the patient. Patients with a wide range of symptoms that are far more severe may need a surgical intervention on the front and back of the neck along with the standard cervical spine surgery.

Cervical spine surgery is a requirement in two major cases as mentioned below,

  1. Degenerative disorder: This occurs when over the course of time the discs go through wear and tear that may give rise to a herniated disc. In fact, a herniated disc takes place when the disc cracks or weakens that can lead to leakage of the inner jelly of the disc.
  2. Cervical deformity: Hyperlordosis is a type of cervical deformity that can be tested with the help of cervical spine surgery.

After knowing about the cervical spine surgery, you must pay heed to the reasons why India is the best place for you to get a spinal treatment. Let us see what they are:

Spine surgery in India: The reasons

  1. Indian medical facilities are fully- equipped with necessary medical equipment, medical staff and other facilities and holds a track record of successful surgeries.
  2. The quality, expertise and clinical experience of the surgeons and doctors in India is beyond compare.
  3. Cost of spine surgery: Though the actual lumbar spine surgery cost relies on the type of procedure performed, implant, surgeon, and status of the medical unit where you choose to undergo surgery, it may start from USD 4,500 onwards.

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