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How to select the best surgeon while receiving treatment abroad?

Heart surgery is a matter of a patient’s life and death, which makes the selection of the doctor a very crucial decision. Especially, if they are receiving treatment abroad and don’t have a single clue about the top medical specialists or centers in that country. Here are few tips that can help patients track the best medical specialists overseas.

Medmonks has enlisted some of the best cardiologists in India, associated with our network of the best heart surgery hospitals in the country, in which every single heart surgeon has gained expertise in performing cardiac surgeries through decades of experience. Patients can get acquainted with the qualification, experience and success rate of these heart specialists by going through their career profiles on our website.

Locate the best hospitals in the Country

When traveling abroad, start your search for finding the best doctor by locating the top 10 medical centers in your preferred country. Patients can use Medmonks website for searching the best heart hospitals in Delhi or any other state in India.

In most cases, reputed doctors are associated with well-known hospitals, so by receiving treatment at an established healthcare center which is accredited by JCI and NABH, patients are able to receive treatment from an experienced surgeon.

Learn more about your condition and search for a specialist accordingly

Doctors and surgeons have sub-specialties, based on their education and training they are qualified to perform certain surgeries and treat conditions that fall under their area of expertise. This varies for each surgeon.

For example, Cardiovascular surgeons perform surgical procedures that include replacement or repair of heart valves, widening or bypassing blocked heart arteries, implanting heart rhythm regulators, repair of aneurysms and heart replacement. 

Research about different treatment procedures

Patients with isolated valvular diseases in their heart (without or with a combination of other conditions) are usually considered suitable for minimally invasive heart surgery until proven otherwise. A patient who has undergone heart surgery before might not be the ideal candidate for this procedure.

Open-Heart surgery is a traditional method that includes bigger incisions, more injections, and more transfusions that might lead to a slower recovery. Contrary to this, minimally invasive procedures require smaller incisions, which take shorter time to recover.

It’s always a good thing to encourage patients to learn more about different heart surgery options. Most patients have some knowledge or idea about robotic heart surgery, but they should always seek guidance from their doctors as well. They should ask their surgeon about the procedure, its risk factors and the difference between minimally invasive surgery compared to other heart surgery techniques. Patients can learn more about robotic heart surgery from our blog section.

Questions patients should ask their cardiologists before a surgery

Patients can ask the following question to their heart surgeons to gain more knowledge about the procedure:

Are there any other surgical options?

What are the risk factors of said surgical treatment?

Are there any side-effects of medications that are being used in the procedure?

What are the things that should be avoided before surgery?

What are the things that should be done or avoided after surgery?

How frequent should I get check-ups?

Don’t be afraid to receive a second opinion

Coming from a different country, puts patients to be at risk of being a victim to scams and frauds. Or some patients might connect to medical centers that might not have the latest machines, and suggest patients seek traditional surgery when they can recover faster if they undergo robotic or minimally invasive procedures, making second opinion an important part of the treatment procedure. Receiving multiple opinions, will not only allow the patient to learn more about their treatment and help them explore new treatment options, but it will also prevent them from receiving treatment facilities from a non-reliable place.

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