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A Comprehensive guide to the cost of knee replacement in India

During the last few years, with the upgrade in surgical intervention techniques and evolution of medical instruments, knee replacement treatment has become more quotidian and affordable. Whether safety or commitment, knee replacement technique has undergone a significant change. People with osteoarthritis and other knee joint problems choose this treatment protocol to live a life free of pain and dependence.

Among all the other countries, India is one of those few countries that witnesses a plethora of knee replacement cases every year. The constant increase in the number of patients undergoing a knee replacement can be attributed to a number of factors including,

Unparalleled medical service and quality treatments: With the availability of latest knee replacement techniques and unmatched expertise, the quality of treatments such as knee replacement surgery in India is supreme. With quality, Indian medical staff and other staff are compassionate, hence,  any problem and query of the family are duly attended.

Increased affordability: A horde of people choose to get operated in India as the cost of the surgery and implants are considerably lower than in other countries such as the US, UK etc.

Wide range of implants: Indian medical facilities uses a wide variety of implants to execute a knee replacement, thanks to the advancements in technology. Whether a patient requires an implant with 180 and 360 degrees motion or a 3D printed knee implants, patients can have their knee joint replaced to achieve complete movement.

Improved surgical outcomes:  Traditional techniques are no more used now; they have become obsolete. Today, less invasive techniques are used to replace a knee joint that includes less scarring, less blood loss, faster recovery period, and more- all of these benefits amount to increased surgical outcomes and lower mortality rate.

Knee replacement cost in India

A large number of people seeking medical treatments travel to India primarily due to high affordability. There is a considerable cost difference when compared to developed countries like the US. The cost of knee replacement in the US starts at USD 49,500. The same procedure can be done in India at a cost that ranges from USD 3,076 to USD 5,348- 30 to 50% lower. This is why a fairly large number of patients from the United States of America travel to India to pursue knee replacement procedures at a fraction of the cost.

Though the average cost of knee replacement is around USD 5000, there are a range of factors on which the cost depend on that may include,

  1. Type, material and manufacturer of implant: The type of material and manufacturer of the implant can differ and so will the cost. For example, cost of cobalt chrome implant is different than that of titanium alloy.
  2. Type of procedure being performed: The cost is contingent to factor like which procedure or approach is being used- partial knee replacement and total knee replacement.
  3. Type of hospital: Different hospitals have different facilities to offer. Depending on the type of facilities provided by the hospital, the cost can vary.
  4. Choice of Operating surgeon: The overall cost will also depend on the surgeon’s expertise and experience.
  5. Medications prescribed during and after surgery: There are a host of medications that a surgeon prescribes to a patient undergoing knee replacement treatment.
  6. Rehabilitation cost: This will include the cost of physiotherapy that helps the patient to recover quickly.

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