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Face Transplantation – Changing Phase of India

Face Transplant in India


For the people suffering from severe facial disfigurement, face transplantation is the treatment option to look forward to. In the process of face transplantation, the recipient’s face is treated, and tissues are transplanted from a deceased donor. It is a complex operation that takes months of planning and numerous multiple surgical teams. Face transplantation is performed in only a few transplant centers worldwide. The candidate for face transplantation is carefully evaluated to ensure the best possible outcomes with respect to appearance and function. 

Face Transplant in India

Why is facial transplantation performed?

Facial transplantation is performed to improve the quality of life for the candidate with facial trauma, burns, disease or birth defects. It is performed to enhance both appearance and functional abilities like chewing, swallowing, talking, and breathing. Sometimes the surgery is undertaken by people for social acceptability. 

How to prepare for facial transplantation? 

First the candidate needs to self-question itself questions like-

  1. Have I weighed the risk associated with facial transplantation?
  2. Are you ready to fully commit yourself for the lifelong aftercare procedures?
  3. Benefits that you are hoping to gain from the surgery?
  4. Did you discuss about treatment options like facial prosthesis or conventional facial reconstruction with your doctor?

You’ll be evaluated by a transplant team.

Candidates must:

Have severe facial disfigurement.

Have a loss of facial function, such as chewing or talking.

Undergo a comprehensive exam that may include X-rays, CT and MRI scans, blood tests, and other measures of physical health.

Undergo an evaluation of their mental and emotional health, coping skills, family and social support, expectations, communication skills, and ability to manage post-transplant care.

Have no history of chronic nerve conditions.

Not be pregnant.

Have no serious medical problems, such as diabetes, heart disease or untreated cancer.

Have had no recent infections.

Be nonsmokers.

Not abuse alcohol or illegal drugs.

Complete a financial evaluation of post-transplant care expenses with a member of the transplant team.

Some of the medical examinations performed by the healthcare professionals are as follows

  1. X- Rays
  2. CT scans
  3. MRI scans
  4. Blood Tests
  5. Physical examination

For the candidates opting for facial transplantation there are several risk factors to be taken into consideration

Complications can result from-

  1. Surgical Risks-

A lengthy, complicated and delicate procedure. The duration of the surgery ranges from 10 or more than that hours.

The surgical or post-surgical risks are life threatening, some of the risk associated with the face transplantation are blood loss, blood clots and infection.

  1. Risks associated with the rejection

It is natural for the body to resist to change. In facial transplantation candidates’ immune system have a good possibility to reject the new face or some functions. Sometimes more than one episode of rejections can also be experienced by the candidate. In order to control the rejection traits the candidate will have to see the healthcare profession to get to the root of the cause.

Some of the signs and symptoms of rejection are swelling and change in the color of the skin. Rejection is so severe that it can also cause death.

  1. Immunosuppressant risks

The anti-rejection drugs or immunosuppressants that the candidate is supposed to take for rest of his/her life weakens their immune system. Although immunosuppressants drugs prevent various forms of rejection but they often lead to risk of kidney damage, cancer, diabetes, and some other serious conditions. 

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