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Hairstyles for Men: Do You Wear the Same Hair on Every Occasion?

It’s a known fact in men that fifty percent of your looks comes straight out of your hairstyle. If you have trouble believing the previous statement, then go see it for yourself right now. Today, following a hairstyle trend is as common in men as they are in women and it is really surprising that this revolution took so long to hit us.

Imagine this, would you go to a wedding and a funeral with the same hairstyle on you? I mean, of course, you could, with the old classic ones, but those aren’t classics anymore. Don’t you want to follow your favourite actor’s hairstyle trend while going to a movie, a party or to a date? Yes, you can wear the same plain mother combed hair to a funeral if you wish, but you get my point. We don’t need to do the things the same old way, we have new and way better options in any field that you could possibly fathom.


A sexy hairstyle on even an average face can give a handle to your masculinity. A lot of people are of the notion, who cares how you look? And that you should not judge someone by their looks. But think to yourself, while you are walking in a supermarket, and or anywhere among stranger, how else do you judge a person? What makes you like or dislike what you see? One straight forward answer. Looks. It does not matter whether it is right or wrong. But it happens. Our minds are trained the way they are and so when you see someone you need to have a notion of that person. Positive or negative. Good or bad. It is there. So let’s deal with it.


Have the confidence to walk up to the girl you like and ask her out. And not just that. Trust me on this, a great hairstyle will give you confidence that you never knew you had. And now with the latest and advanced series of Masculine grooming products, men can try all the different hairstyles you like on yourself. See which one suits you the best and wear a different one on every new occasion.


Do not, even for a second, doubt that the products in any slightest possible way will harm your naturally beautiful hair. In fact, our series of grooming products pass all the extreme quality test that ensures that it has no effect on your hair other than making it just the way you want. Beautiful.


We at Manigtohave all the ranges of hair styling products you might need for making your hair awesome for any occasion. If you are thinking that you already have the hairstyle that you want, think again. You might not be happy with what you have, we are humans after all.

If you always have your Barbour do your hair for you, that’s even better. You can recommend us to him for the sake of your beautiful hair. There will be no regret, we promise.


In case you are looking for further information regarding hairstyles for men or any other men style related query, write to us via email, call us and support us on social media.

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