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How to choose the best hospital in India?

It is impossible to find the best hospital at the time of emergency because of the lack of time in hand to actually search for a healthcare centre. During an emergency the main priority is to receive treatment. Neither does the patient, nor his family is concerned about looking through the profile of the doctor when their loved one requires immediate medical attention. But even in those moments, it is not justified, as the wrong selection of the doctor can cause them to die. This becomes particularly hard when patients are looking for treatment abroad, as they have no clue about the doctors or top 10 hospitals in India or other countries.

This blog is focused on helping medical tourists choose best multi-speciality hospitals in India for their medical emergencies with or without using a medical tourism company. The good thing about the multi-specialty healthcare centers in India is that patients can come to the country without knowing the medical problem, undergo diagnosis and receive treatment from the concerned department, be it cardio, ENT, Infertility, Dental, Oncology, Urology or Ortho.

Tips for choosing the best Hospital in India


Location of the hospital plays an important role in determining the availability of technology and doctors there. Healthcare centers located in metro-cities have JCI and NABH accreditation along with state-of-the-art equipment. Experienced doctors also prefer working in top medical centers as they comprise of latest technology that can help them deliver the best possible outcomes.

Patient experience

Before selecting any hospital, patients should check its rating and reviews. The experience of old patients at the hospital will help them determine the quality and standard of services provided there. Take centers with positive reviews into consideration and check whether they deliver services specific to their condition.

Safety & Infrastructure:

Most of the medical center in India, especially the ones located in metro-cities have a clean and safe environment. As per Indian govt rules, all hospitals should be built with fire and safety precautions. The government does not approve the infrastructure design of these buildings if they don’t follow the necessary safety measures. However, the patient should also explore the gallery of the centers to ensure their safety. A patient wouldn’t want to receive treatment in an unsanitary and technologically unequipped environment. Another important factor which should be put into consideration is if there are ICU beds and multiple emergency units at the medical center or not.

Latest Technology & Hi-tech Labs:

Patients can create a list of top 10 hospitals in India according to their preference and then compare the technologies available there. Infrastructure and technology play a significant role in making a medical center stand out. Patients should make their selection based on the diagnosis lab, and technical advancements at the center, cause at the end newer equipment require minimal incisions that help in faster recovery.


The most important factor while choosing a medical center is to verify the qualification, specialization, and experience of the medical professionals working there. Patients can also refer to the doctor’s rating and reviews from their former patients.


While traveling abroad, amenities available at and nearby the medical center should also be considered before selecting a hospital, as a patient will likely to live close to it. These amenities may include hotels, pharmacy, transport, food, and More. Look for guest houses, rented accommodations, and residential options near the hospital. Also check the availability of banks, ATMs and other money transfer facilities near the selected lodging option.

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