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Important Methodologies to Adopt To Implement SAP B One Perfectly In Any Industry

SAP b1 in India has been gaining a lot of importance lately because of the huge number of advantages that it produces over traditional methodologies that were being employed up till now. This is because with the help of Sap ERP providers you can modularize the task force of the entire organization, modularize and simplify them all, delegate tasks to where they belong, and pay more attention to things that actually matter. We mention here the methodologies adopted under SAP one and a few things that ought to be kept in mind while using and deploying these solutions.


The team that is implementing the entire module should make sure that the kick off meeting should put forth and describe the involvement of the customer rather than discussing technical intricacies and jargons pertaining to the business processes or the products.

Try and obtain as many details of the client’s business processes as you can possibly get. Scrutinize the documents, all fields everything you can get your hands upon, in order to understand the entire process better. If that happens to make the client feel uncomfortable, try to make them feel better by signing an NDA or any other reassurance that helps, if possible.

SAP Business one

Once the solution is ready, show the entire process to the client and make sure you dedicate your time to helping them out with their processes so that all aspects of the program are clearly understood by the client and no stones are left unturned. You can even make them enter a few real life transactions while you are onsite just to ensure everything is running smoothly.

If the clients want tweaks here and there and give a lot of feedback and suggestions that they would want to see incorporated in their solution, make revisions and install it as a Training company. Request the client’s project manager to simply practice and do that with a lot of perseverance and patience. This will keep your organizations up to date with latest trends and ease the process that was always very difficult and inefficient.

These points can help you make sure that you won’t be troubled at the last moment with a lot of things undone. Moreover, we need to even keep these points in mind, other than the methodology that we mentioned.

We need to set the expectations of the client and know exactly what the client needs, and explain to them how their already deployed and existing business tasks and processes will get mapped one to one with the product.

It’s always advisable to give the client a go at the product before it is live and deployed officially. This keeps loopholes in check and the requirements can be further polished.

These are a few points to be kept in mind while using SAP business one and deploying it. Moreover these services are now available in India and companies are quickly shifting to these. We at vestrics realized that and have put forth the best possible ERP for SMEs and by bringing SAP B one in India. WE specialize in helping with the integration with sap, of various industries like e-commerce and mobile. So come and check out our online portal, and be baffled by the products which will definitely help your company out in achieving the goals set up!

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