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IVF treatment-Fulfilling the dream of becoming a parent

Quite a while ago, newspapers were filled with a miraculous event about a woman who gave birth to her own grandchild. Similar kinds of cases have been published in newspapers during the last few years. All thanks to In-vitro fertilization.

Giving birth to a new life is one of the most crucial parts in a parent’s life, especially if the mother has crossed the post-menopausal period. The number of such cases has gone up in the past few years due to assisted reproductive technologies like IVF treatment. This article describes the IVF treatment in detail, a blessing in disguise for infertile couples.

As per the experts, there has been a steep rise in the cases of infertility in the last five years or so. Some of the contributing factors are abnormal sperm production (in males), Ovulation disorders (in females), improper lifestyle, and overexposure to pesticides and other chemicals, radiation, to name a few.

Before delving into the details about how an IVF process is carried out, this article throws some light on what is infertility.


Infertility is a condition, in either males or females, wherein either one of both the parent is incapable of conceiving a child in a natural manner, even after continued efforts. However, infertility also indicates a condition when a woman proves to be unfit for carrying a child due to some reason.

Next, understand what an IVF treatment is, followed by the egg-retrieval procedure, along with the costs involved.

In-Vitro Fertilization:

One of the most commonly performed assistive reproductive treatment method, In-vitro fertilization involves a procedure in which an ovum is fertilized in a laboratory dish that is transferred into the woman’s uterus afterwards. This type of treatment method follows five steps for completion, that can include,

  1. Observation of the development of ripening of eggs in the ovaries of the respective woman.
  2. Collection of eggs
  3. Collection of sperms
  4. Artificial fertilization of the collected eggs and sperms and formation of an embryo
  5. Transfer of embryos into the uterus of the woman.

Points to note: Fertility medications are prescribed to uplift the chances of quality of egg collection process.

An ultrasound of the ovaries is carried out to keep a close check on the egg development before egg retrieval is done.

Also, a urine or blood test is suggested to measure the levels of production of hormones.

Egg Retrieval Process:

Egg retrieval procedure is done in a trans-vaginal manner that involves the insertion of a hollow needle to remove ovaries, this process is called as follicular aspiration. After retrieval, the fertilization process is initiated by keeping the sperms and eggs in the incubator. This results in the formation of an embryo.


The cost of in-vitro fertilization in western countries such as US, UK, Australia etc. is extremely high. For people looking for low-cost IVF treatments, India is the best option indeed. Getting an IVF treatment in India cannot save your hard-earned money, it can assure you to fulfill your dream of becoming a parent without encountering failures.

The remarkable success rate of IVF treatment in India is driving people from all over the world to come to India at present.

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