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Knee Replacement

Knee replacement in India is the most talked about subject amongst the old-aged people. Knee pain is making both genders cry across the globe. Arthritis is also rapidly becoming a substantial condition which has also started to affect the millennial making knee pain a major issue.

Knee replacement surgery has an efficient rate in reducing the pain and damage in the knee. Prior to the old believes knee replacement is much more successful than one expects it to be. It doesn’t restore the patient’s knee’s original condition but it makes it stable enough for the patient to lead a normal life without worrying about any knee pain. Several sports men have also under gone knee replacement procedure and were able to retrieve to the field within a year. Now imagine if knee surgery is that effective for injuries, how much it can help you with your arthritis.

What is Knee replacement?

The medical term for knee replacement is arthroplasty, which is a procedure in which the area of knee that has been damaged by arthritis is resurfaced surgically. In this process an artificial knee joint and knee cap is formed around the knee to connect the bones using plastic and metal parts. This surgery is best suited for patients afflicted with acute knee injury or arthritis in order to gain some relief. Knee replacement implants helps in fixing the flexion gap between the joints hence eliminating the pain on any movement.

Cost of Knee Replacement in India

The cost Knee Replacement can vary, even for the same geographical location depending on the complexity of the case as well as several other factors, including:

Surgical approach & the type of surgery – the approach of the surgery remains inconsistent for all patients and is completely based on their condition. The monetary factors determining this vary based on the material and instruments used in the knee replacement surgery.

Patient’s Pre-existing conditions – factors like age and health of patient also increases or decreases the cost of the surgery, based on the care and medication being used on them.

Time spent in the Surgery – this includes the time taken to complete the surgery and for how long the patient was kept in the operating room. Complications experienced in the surgery can also affect the final cost.

Hospital room charges & Days spent there – The days a patient needs to spend in the hospital completely vary on the type of surgery the patient requires (bilateral, partial, or total).

However roughly the cost of knee replacement in India ranges from approximately 50,000 to 1 lakh.

Procedure of Knee Replacement in India

Step 1: Skin Incision

The procedure start with a formation of an incision in the knee to expose the knee bone.

Step 2: Femoral Cuts

Once the patient knee bone is exposed, the surgeon make delicate movements to highlight the femoral cuts in the muscle structure following to expose the few tibial cuts, to open enough space for the implants to get in.

Step 3: Checking Flexion Gaps

Now the extension between the knees joint is check and the flexion gap between the two is analyzed in order to determine, how the implants needs to be placed.

Step 4: Implantation

The artificial knee cap and joint implant is now fixed in the knee. After which the knee is stitched back together.

Aftermath of Knee Replacement

After the surgery the patients are advice to use the walker for a time span of 2 to 3 weeks. It is also advised that the patient avoids any type of strain on their knees or lifting anything heavy. Gym and sports is completely off limits a month even after the knee has been completely healed from the surgery. Patients need to understand that even when the wounds of the procedure have healed, it would take over 3 months depending on the patient’s age to completely heal internally. Any type of the strain on the knee should be prevented and the patient should be a little conscious while involving in any outdoor activity requiring strength.

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