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Men’s Health: Selfcare Tips

Its Okey and Important for Men to Pamper Themselves

The world that we’re living in today is difficult and juices all the energy and enthusiasm out of our system. And the race we’re a part of, demands that we cope with its atrocities. These atrocities cause serious damage to one’s health, especially men, who account for more than 51.9% of the society and are often seen as the epitome of strength. Social stigmas prevents men to seek self-care or get emotional/ mental support. Men’s health is equally important to women’s health, if not more and we should pay more attention in its direction.

Smoking Is The Greatest Foe

Innumerable flash cards and warnings around us read “smoking kills” or “smoking is injurious to health” but how many of us really pay attention to them. The disadvantages of smoking and how it causes irreparable damages to our lungs and heart or leads to cancer and stroke have been known to us since forever and but most of us seem to ignore it.

Not only this but smoking also meddles with the DNA, and sperm, putting the person at high risk of infertility. Reports show that more than 80%  of people who die from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) are addicted to smoking. It is essential that we take steps to eliminate smoking out of our precious lives or at least cut it down.

Smoking is a choice, a bad habit that we can choose to remove out of our life.

Initiate a Friendship With Salads

Nature’s store has a lot of things in abundance that can work like magic to our health. Take a peek and know how many vegetables and fruits it has to offer and fashion a salad that is rich in fiber and nutrition. They’re not only friendly to our taste buds but also help people lose weight, who are battling obesity. They help in building healthy bones and also improving one’s skin tone. Carrots, spinach, broccoli, yellow bell pepper, tomatoes, and many other things can contribute to a healthy salad.

A Good Muscle Pump Isn’t About Vanity

For adapting a balancedlife and, it is also necessary that we include a sufficient amount of exercise and weight lifting in our schedules. It is important that we burn the calories that we consume via exercise. A 9 to 5 working life forces us to live in our chairs within the four walls of our cubicles, which can be harmful for our health, making it necessary that we step out in the parks and gardens for some fresh air. A brief morning routine of jogging, moderate exercise and weight lifting keeps our body’s flexibility and stamina intact. This could, therefore ensure a long walking-stick-free and wheelchair-free life for ourselves. It also freshens up our minds.

Schedule Your Doctor’s Appointment

The daily-life races churn a man out and there’s no time left for himself. In this confusion and din usually, one’s health issues escape his notice. It is, therefore, of significant importance that he goes for a regular health check-up. A regular health check-up ensures that any threat to his health is not ignored and necessary additions to one’s schedules are made to lead a good and healthy lifestyle.

Avoid Stress

A 9-5 life, family’s expectations, relationships’ expectations, and the stigma’s, today’s society has created for a man, corners the interests and passions of his own life. His importance is usually lost in the race. Men should know that they need to make some selfish decisions of their own to ensure that they don’t slip into stress. Stress can cause serious damages to one’s life and he should always maintain a balance of work and personal life to avoid it as much as possible. It is okay once or twice in a while to leave everything behind and travel, eat good food, meet good friends and most importantly share our feelings and let them out. There are stereotypes entrenched in the society that a male has to man up and stay strong or act as a pillar to the entire society. They should know that being an ideal person involves carrying out one’s duties but also accounts for taking care of oneself. He should not follow the bizarre rules of the society hinder his happiness.


It’s okay for a man to pamper himself and not pay heed to what others say. Loving yourself is very important for one’s own mental and physical health. As you begin to love yourself, you free yourself from anything that is not good for your health- food, things, situations, and everything that draws you down and away from yourself. It is a healthy egoism and love of oneself.

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