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Natural Home Remedies for Bursitis

Natural Home Remedies for Bursitis

Bursitis is known as an inflammation happening in one or even more bursae, known as fluid filled sacs which are found in your joint. This problem can occur and have a negative impact on your elbow, knee, elbow, shoulder or toes. Bursitis can become chronic or even acute.

One of the most popular causes of bursitis is repetitive movements, along with pressure irritating your bursae. Additionally, bursitis causes include chronic systemic issue, injury, other inflammatory problems such as gout, scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis.

Basically, people can experience various symptoms of bursitis, which depends heavily on affected joints. However, there are some common bursitis symptoms consisting of stiffness, redness, pain or swelling.

You should take a note that bursitis does not spare anyone else. It means that everyone can have bursitis, however, aging or hobby demanding repetitive movements are contributing factors to increase the risk of contracting bursitis.

Remember that taking a rest is considered first line in the treatment to get your inflamed or injured areas healed. In fact, there exist some best home remedies to help ease pain, cure the condition as well as prevent its re-occurrence.

In face you suffering from excess swelling, fever or sharp pain, medical care is badly necessary.

Following are top natural and effective home remedies for bursitis that you should take into consideration.

  1. Cold Compress

Cold compress is one of the most workable remedies for bursitis thanks to its cold temperature that helps to eliminate the swelling, thereby alleviating the pain. In addition, it aids in reducing the tenderness, along with inflammation.

This treatment shows its best effectiveness if it is applied from 24 to 48 hours after the appearance of bursitis.

How to apply:

  • Have some ice cubes wrapped in a thin and clean towel
  • Place ice pack nicely over your affected area and leave it on for about 15 minutes
  • Remove it before elevating your joint over the heart and then rest
  • Re-apply the same treatment a couple of times per day till your condition gets relieved.

Do not apply the ice pack directly over your skin since it can easily cause frostbites.

  1. Warm Compress

Warm Compress

Within 24 hours of bursitis’s appearance, warm compress is extremely helpful. The treatment assists in improving the flow of your blood and transferring it to your affected joint, thereby, easing stiffness and combating the inflammation.

How to apply:

  • Get a thin and clean towel dampened with warm water
  • Rub it over your affected area and leave it on for 15 minutes
  • Perform this treatment several times per day.

Instead, you can apply a bottle of hot water or use heating pads a warm compress. Rinse your affected area with lukewarm water.

  1. Massage

When it comes to bursitis, don’t forget massagtng since it can improve your circulation, hence, reducing stiffness and swelling. Also, it is able to help you feel relaxing.

How to apply:

  • Have some coconut, olive, mustard or sesame oil heated up
  • Rub those oil over your affected area
  • Gently massage with firm pressure in about 10 minutes
  • Place a towel over your bursitis.
  • Perform the same process for several days on a daily basis till the condition gets improved.
  1. Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Castor oil is another good remedy for bursitis to help ease the pain and alleviate the swelling in your joints. The oil contains ricinoleic acid which is loaded with anti-inflammatory effects can completely relieve the pain and then minimizing the inflammation. Besides, it can enhance the joint mobility.

How to apply:

  • Dip wool flannel in castor oil
  • Place it over your affected joint and have it covered with plastic wraps
  • Put a bottle of hot water or a healing pad over your bursitis and get it covered with a towel
  • Wait for 40 minutes before removing it
  • Re-apply the treatment for about two times per week.


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