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One Week Pregnancy

Most parents usually discover that they are pregnant after 1 week of pregnancy especially if it happens without planning. However, if you have been trying to get pregnant, and have become pregnant, you won’t be able to know it for sure without urine or a blood test in the first week.

One Week Pregnant

During the first week, the egg has not even fertilized or turned into an embryo. But would you be able to feel any symptoms of pregnancy yet? What pregnancy advice should you use? This is the week immediately after your last period; the menstruation cycle allows you to ovulate. So, even though the baby is have not developed inside you, it is still the first week of your pregnancy.

Calculating pregnancy weeks from to-be-mothers last period also helps the doctors in determining the expected due date for the labor.

Should I take anything to help my pregnancy?

Start Consuming Folic Acid

Consumption of Folic Acid within the first trimester of pregnancy has been proven to help the baby from getting afflicted from spina bifida. Medical Experts recommend couples to start taking folic acid three months before conceiving. Researches have revealed that taking 300 mg dosage can help in preventing neural tube defects by 70%.

What’s going on in my body?

The average cycle of menstruations lasts about five to seven days. The period is a combination of actual blood and womb lining (endometrium).

The hormone changes which are responsible for stimulating the period start encouraging the brain to increase the production of LH (luteinising hormone) and FSH (stimulating follicle hormone), which are helping the female to get pregnant.

What is the baby doing?

The baby hasn’t developed yet, to be doing anything. It is uncertain right now, to determine if the egg was fertilized or not. This is why medical professionals use the first day of mother’s last period as the date of conceiving, cause the exact date can’t be determined.

One Week Ultrasound

Ultrasound does not play any role in the first week as the baby has not started developing in the mother’s womb, it still waiting for the sperm to fertilize the eggs.

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