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Pregnancy Week by Week

What to expect when you are expecting?

This article has been drafted to educate readers about the stages of pregnancy week by week informing new mothers about the changes their body will, that can help them have a blissful pregnancy experience. This pregnancy guide provides helpful advice to the mum-to-be and father-to-be to take good care of the mother.    

Nine Months│ 40 Weeks│3 Trimesters│ One Beautiful Miracle

Pregnancy is one of the biggest joys of a female’s life. Looking at those big eyes, holding those tiny fingers, one cannot think of anything more precious than a newborn baby.

However, pregnancy is one of the most demanding transformations that a female has to go through. Throughout the 40 weeks till labor, the mother has to go through a lot of emotional and physical changes, which start showing in the first week of pregnancy.

Why should people educate themselves about pregnancy?

There are numerous misconceptions and myths about pregnancy that can manipulate the way a future mother makes changes in her life. Traditional taboos, ideas and standards about giving birth and pregnancy care can contradict with the medical journals, confusing the people about the dos and don’ts of pregnancy.

By getting a brief idea about what you might experience in a few weeks can help you prepare for it. It will also help the mother in having a more relaxed and stress-free pregnancy.

By following certain diet plans and consuming the right amount of nutrients you can sustain your and your baby’s health and prevent the complications which might be caused in the later stages of  pregnancy.

So, today we have decided to step on this journey with our readers who are expecting or may be considering a baby, learn everything about pregnancy. 

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Have you missed your period? Could you be pregnant? Well, have listed a few ways that help you identify if you are pregnant without any test.

Pregnancy, causes the hormones in the female body to go on 9 months of roller coaster ride, that starts showing symptoms within a few weeks and ends only when the baby pops out. 

These are some of the common symptoms experienced during the first few days of pregnancy:

Missed Period

Vomiting & Nausea

Light Spotting/ Implantation Bleeding

Gassy Stomach

Frequent urge to pee


Mood Swings

Swollen Breasts

Lower Back Pain

Food Craving

Headaches and Dizziness


Elevated Basal Temperature


Note: Some of these symptoms might appear similar to pre-menstrual discomforts. People should take a pregnancy test or consult a doctor for confirming their pregnancy.

With the proceeding weeks, the mother-to-be is likely to feel these symptoms getting more aggressive. The symptoms experienced in each trimester may vary from another.

Every Pregnancy is unique. Even a mother giving birth to her second child is likely to have a different experience with her second pregnancy that could possibly cause her to crave for different things, feel pain to a certain degree, face complications, or have severe mood swings or cramps. 

Basic Routine Pregnancy To-Do-List

•    Visit your doctor regularly

Prenatal care helps keep the mother and the baby healthy, spotting any problem if it occurs. The doctor will also be able to record the baby’s growth in the womb, allowing the mother to see the baby’s growth week by week.  

•    Exercise

It is important for the mother to indulge in light exercise every day to prevent excessive

cramping. They consult their doctor, who will suggest exercises which are safe for them and the baby.

•    Diet

Diet plays an important role during pregnancy. It is vital for the mothers to consume sufficient vitamins and nutrition as the baby develops week by week.

•    Quit Alcohol & Smoking

All toxic substances should be avoided during pregnancy to keep the baby healthy. Researches have shown that mothers who continued drinking or smoking ended up giving birth to babies with weak organs or some deformities. 

Your Week by Week Pregnancy Guide

A female experiences the following things as the baby slowly grows inside the mother week by week.

First Trimester

After fertilization, the egg or baby is at still just an embryo: however, with each day it builds a portion of two cell layers that are responsible for developing the organs and the parts in the body. Growing quickly, the baby will develop into the size of a kidney bean that will constantly move. Baby’s heart will start beating, and his/her intestines will start forming. Your budding daughter’s or son’s eyelids, earlobes, nose and mouth are starts taking shape.

1 Week Pregnant

In order to get pregnant, the doctor will calculate your due date according to your normal menstrual cycle. Read More…

2 Weeks Pregnant

The second week of pregnancy is potentially life-transforming week. You’ll start ovulating, and if the egg meets the sperm successfully, you’ll achieve pregnancy! Read More…

3 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby develops into a tiny ball (blastocyst) – which is made from hundreds of cells which are multiplying quickly. Read More…

4 Weeks Pregnant

Deep inside the uterus, the baby becomes an embryo that is made up of two cells layers, and the primitive placenta of the mothers also starts developing. Read More…

5 Weeks Pregnant

The tiny embryo is rapidly growing at a fast pace, and you will start noticing pregnancy discomforts including fatigue and sore breasts. Read More…

6 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s mouth, nose, and ears start taking shape, and you might start experiencing spotting and morning sickness. Read More…

7 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is still an embryo when you are 7 weeks pregnant that also has a small tail, and it has started forming feet and hands, which has caused the uterus to double in size. Read More…

8 Weeks Pregnant

The baby will constantly be moving, but you won’t feel it. Meanwhile, your doctor might suggest you make decisions regarding prenatal tests. Read More…

9 Weeks Pregnant

By the 9th week, the baby will start looking like human and will growth approximately 1 inch in size. You will also be able to notice a little waist thinking by this time. Read More…

10 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s most critical development stage has completed. Baby has developed a structure with the organs in place and is ready to grow. Read More…

11 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s hands  can now open and close, and tiny tooth buds will also appear under the gums.

12 Weeks Pregnant

Your little one is now able to curl his/her tiny toes, his/her brain is also growing, and the kidneys have started excreting urine.

13 Weeks Pregnant

You will complete your first trimester, when you will become 13 weeks pregnant. And your baby has grown 3 inches with exquisite fingerprints.

Second Trimester

During the start of the second trimester, babies are usually around 3 1/2 inches in size and weigh 1 1/2 ounces. The tiny, unique fingerprints have formed proper shape and their heart 25 quarts of blood every day. As the days go by, the baby’s skeleton will begin to gain strength hardening into bone, and they will also develop the hearing ability. Mother will be able to feel the kicks and flutters during the second Trimester if they haven’t already.

14 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is now able to make different facial expressions. And you will feel him/her get more energetic. By this week the nauseated feeling will fade away.

15 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby can now sense light, and the formation of his/her taste buds have begun. Some mothers-to-be can have a stuffy nose, as a side effect of pregnancy.

16 Weeks Pregnant

Get ready for an instant growth spurt. The baby will double in the next couple of weeks in size and weight.

17 Weeks Pregnant

The baby’s skeleton made up of soft cartilage is now turning into bone, and the umbilical cord will grow stronger and thicker.

18 Weeks Pregnant

Your doctor will be able to reveal your baby’s gender now as his/her genitals will be visible through an ultrasound. You might feel extra hungry, causing your appetite to increase, which is completely normal.

19 Weeks Pregnant

Go ahead and put on your favorite songs, and get your baby dance to the tunes. Baby has developed their senses by now, are able to hear. You might experience side ache, which could round ligament pain. So, consult a doctor. 

20 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations, you’ve completed the half journey. 20 more weeks and you will have a new family member. Your baby is now swallowing more food and producing meconium.

21 Weeks Pregnant

Now you will feel every movement of your baby; the early flutters will be felt like full-fledged Kicks. Fun Fact: Your baby has eye-brows now.

22 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby has developed his/her features and organs and is looking like a miniature baby. And we are sure now growing belly has turned into a hand-magnet, and everybody wants to feel the baby kicking.

23 Weeks Pregnant

Now your baby will be able to feel your movements. And you will also notice swelling on your feet and ankles.

24 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby has developed into a long and lean and your uterus will start growing as the baby will start to gain weight.

25 Weeks Pregnant

Your little one will grow his/her first hair and a little baby fat during this stage.

26 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby will be inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluids, that is a good breathing practice for him.

27 Weeks Pregnant

Feeling ticklish? Your baby might be having a few hiccups. He is also sucking his fingers and blinking his/her eyes.

Third Trimester

During the third trimester, most babies weigh 2 1/4 pounds. By this time they are able to move, have grown hair and are able to blink. And the wrinkles on their skin have started to smooth out as they are putting on more baby fat. They also develop toenails, and fingernails and billions of neurons on their brain. Now for the remaining weeks, the baby just blossom and put on more weight. At the final week, the average baby can be 19 inches long and 7 pounds in weight.

28 Weeks Pregnant

The body of the developing baby’s eyes will now see the light filtering in through their mother’s womb.

29 Weeks Pregnant

The muscles and lungs of the baby will continue to mature, and the head size is increasing for making extra room for the developing brain.

30 Weeks Pregnant

The baby is almost 3 pounds now. You will experience major mood swings, fatigue and clumsiness.

31 Weeks Pregnant

You may have sleepless nights because of your baby’s strong kicks and may also feel Braxton Hicks contractions.

32 Weeks Pregnant

Your uterus is expanding as simultaneous as your baby is also plumping up.

33 Weeks Pregnant

You are getting uncomfortable sitting, standing, or sleeping because of the cute round tummy and your four-pound baby in it.

34 Weeks Pregnant

The lungs and central nervous system of the baby are maturing, taking up all your energy causing you to feel dizzy.

35 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is very snug in the womb to move freely, but you may still feel slight frequent – but less dramatic movements.

36 Weeks Pregnant

In 35 weeks of your pregnancy, your baby is growing one ounce of weight every day. You will feel the baby “drop” down to the pelvis as the due date approaches.

37 Weeks Pregnant

The brain and lungs of the baby will continue to mature. It’s common during this week of pregnancy for you to have excessive vaginal discharge or occasional contractions.

38 Weeks Pregnant

At this pregnant stage, baby has developed a firm grasp, that you will soon feel around your fingers. You should be attentive to the signs of preeclampsia.

39 Weeks Pregnant

Your pregnancy cycle is almost complete, and the baby is literally pushing to come into the world. You should keep the doctor’s number handy as you water can break any time now.

40 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby weighs more than a small pumpkin! Don’t worry most women don’t get into after 40th weeks of pregnancy.

41 Weeks Pregnant

It is common to get into labor after the due date. As cozy as the tiny angel may be, he/she will come outside naturally or through inducing methods.

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