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Restoring the Former Indian Craftsmanship

Indian culture is considered as world’s richest culture, in many terms. From the time of emperors that ruled India for over a millennium India has been a mine of extremely talented people who knew how to do their job. And that too pretty well. We were better than most of the world at most of the things and the one thing that nobody else in the world could do as well as Indians was grade A craftsmanship. From a needle to giant forts that still stand today in all their glory, we marveled at almost everything. Some of them are a symbol of passion, pride and love.

The Indian embroidery was matchless in the international markets. The cloth pieces shaped out of Indian silk was something that everyone wanted. Imagine a piece of cloth that is the size of your bed sheet and can be folded into something that can be fitted in a match box. Unbelievable, right? Well, that’s India for you. Imagine that someone loved his better half so dearly, that his love still stands tall in white Marble known as the Taj Mahal. Also famous for being the Seven Wonders of the World. People from all across the world die just to get a glimpse of that love that can still be felt there. That, trust me is a true wonder. Everything in the Taj Mahal was hand engraved. Firstly, the selection of the material to make the structure could not have been better and secondly, the craftsmen that so beautifully engraved the writings into the tomb so high just feels impossible even to imagine.


This is nothing but a peek into India’s grand hidden talents. But unfortunately, time consumed all of it. We all started believing that a change that occurred was better than us, more powerful than us when it was not. We were always bigger than the circumstances, and some great people realized it as soon as it began, like Mahatma Gandhi and his Boycott movement, which told us to only buy and promote the goods made completely in India, to again restore the glory we once had.

Slowly with time, without realizing anything we lost it. Not the talent but a belief in ourselves that we are better than anyone else. And that is what our company strives to achieve again. It is about time that we start taking pride in our culture and help India be the valuable beauty that it was before. With our range of products handcrafted with the same idea and motivation, you can help us take a step to realize the dream that you and we can share, as true citizens of India.


Our range of products includes handcrafted door knobs, hooks beautifully carved into ceramic, wood, steel, brass and even horn. The exclusive range of furniture knobs from India well carved into ceramic will surely grab your attention, for one simple reason that they are beautifully unique and Indian from scratch, just as you and I are. And that’s where we should take pride.

For any further information on the products that we sell, visit our website which has a variety of thousands of product that you might like. Each one of them will make you feel rich about our culture since we expertise in Indian handcrafted products. You can also contact us through email or even our helpline number.

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