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Rhinoplasty Cost in India

Rhinoplasty Cost in India starts at the nominal price of USD 2000, which includes the cost of treatment, 1 day of hospital stay and the fees of the surgeon.

Rhinoplasty aka as a nose job is an aesthetic procedure used for reconstructing or correcting the shape of the nose.

Rhinoplasty operation can be performed on an outpatient basis. Even if the patient opts for inpatient treatment, it only requires a hospital stay of 1 or 2 days.

This procedure can take roughly 1 to 3 hours to complete.

Rhinoplasty is categorized into two types:

Cosmetic Surgery is a procedure that helps in improving the patient’s face by changing the shape of the nose.

Reconstructive Surgery is a procedure that helps in restoring the functions and the form of the nose after an injury.

It is performed by breaking the structure of the bone in the nose, to increase or decrease its size, or by rearranging the cartilage or changing its angle.


1.  What is the cost of rhinoplasty treatment in India?

The cost of rhinoplasty in India starts at USD 2000.

Patients can also avail additional discounts on their treatment by using Medmonks services.

2.  What are the costs included in the treatment?

Rhinoplasty packages in India covers the cost of the following expenses:

  • Room Rent
  • Cost of Surgery
  • Consultations (received within the package days)
  • Basic Investigations
  • Routine Pharmacy
  • Patient’s Food

3.  What are the costs excluded from the treatment?

Following expenses with not be covered by rhinoplasty cost in India:

  • Overstay (extended stay at the Hospital)
  • Use of any unique blood compound/ special equipment
  • Additional procedure
  • Use of any advanced technology
  • Additional Consultation obtained from any other specialist (not included in the treatment package)

4.  Why is the cost of medical treatment lower in India in comparison to other countries?

Cost of HR

Medical professionals in India are paid roughly around 20 to 30 per cent share of the total treatment cost, while Doctors in France get approximately 80 per cent share. This gap in the salary package helps in reducing the overall cost of treatment, making it more reasonable.

Law of Volume

Medical services as well as equipment are used more frequently in India, compared to countries like France, because of the high population rate in the country. The overuse of these medical machines, causes their value to reduce making the cost of surgery and diagnostic tests affordable.

Availability of Generic Medicines

India has the biggest market of generic medicines, where patients can find an affordable substitute for all types of medicines.

Out of Pocket

Indian patients pay for their treatment out of their own pockets. There are only 85 per cent population in the country that have medical insurance. Hospitals being aware of this, create treatment packages that can be afforded by the majority. This cost structure remains the same for international patients which makes treatment cost seem affordable for them.

5.  How do most hospitals calculate the cost of the procedures?

Hospitals calculate the cost of all procedure

s by adding up all the expenses incurred during the procedure, including the cost of machines, equipment, medications and the fees of medical staff. During the initial cost of the procedure, the full fees and cost of these expenses are charged from the patients, however, if more than one procedure is performed, these charges are reduced to 50 or 60 per cent, based on the cost structure followed at the hospital and patient receive a discount for the following procedures.

6.  What kind of accommodation options exist in India?

Patients can find reasonable accommodation options in India, starting at just USD 20 per day. These hospitals consist of basic amenities that will help patients feel comfortable in India.

Patients can also contact Medmonks and request hotels or accommodation options with any specific facility or dietary arrangement within walking distance from their hospitals.

7.  What is the cost of a medical visa to India? How long do I get the visa for rhinoplasty treatment?

The cost of a medical visa to India starts at USD 85 for 180 days. However, the cost of a visa for each nationality is subject to vary.

Patients can consult Medmonks and receive assistance on getting best visa plans according to their treatment. Aesthetic or cosmetic procedures can be performed within a few hours and require an outpatient stay of  2- 3 weeks after the treatment in India, making medical e-visa more suitable for their treatment. Cost of medical e-visa to India starts at USD 35, which is valid for 30 days.

8.  How can I pay for medical treatment?

Patients can use the following payment modes for covering their treatment expenses at the hospital in India:

Online Transfer

Credit/ Debit Card

Cash (Pounds/ Euros/ Dollars (up to USD 5000)/ Rupee (up to 2 lakh))

9.  If the money deposited is more than the expenses at the hospital at the time of discharge, will I get a refund?

Yes, the patients will get the refund of the remaining amount left after the deduction of their treatment expenses via the same mode of payment used by them. This means, patients who paid in cash, will receive the remaining amount in cash at the time of their discharge, and online deposits will be transferred to the initial source of payment.

10.  Why does the cost of rhinoplasty procedures in India vary across hospitals?

Following factors can be responsible for the variation in the cost of rhinoplasty treatment:

Hospital’s Location & Infrastructure

Surgeon’s Fees (Determined by his/her experience & specialization)

Fees of healthcare staff involved in the surgery

The technology used in the procedure

Cost of unique drugs/ technology/ blood components used throughout the treatment

Complications faced during the procedure

Cost of additional procedures

11.  Why choose Medmonks?

Medmonks is a patient management company that assists patients in finding the best and most affordable treatment options in India. Patients can share their concerns and reports with the company, and their executives will push them in the right direction to find suitable doctors and hospitals for their treatment in India.

Medmonks helps patients with the following things:

Certified Hospitals │Verified Doctors in India

Affordable Rhinoplasty Cost In India

Pre-Arrival Video Consultation

Visa Approval and plane Tickets arrangement

Free Translators

Doctor Appointment and Hotel Booking

24*7 Assistance

Religious Arrangements

Special Dietary Arrangements

Follow-Up Care via Message Chat & Free Video Consultations (6 Months)

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