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Care for Kidney is equal to the care for the filter tank of the body

Scenario of Kidney Treatment in India

The very prime step toward treatment of kidney disease is that the doctor holds good understanding the personal and family history of the patient. Doctor understands the symptoms like high blood pressure, change in the urinary habits that the patient might have. Physical examination helps the doctor to check signs of problems with your heart, blood vessels via neurological exams.

Kidney Treatment in India
Scenario of Kidney Treatment in India

Following are the certain medical examinations and procedures that patient needs to undertake under the supervision of the doctor or the paramedical personnel-

  1. Blood Tests- Blood tests look for level of waste products for example creatinine and urea.
  2. Urine Tests- To reveal abnormalities in the urine that can be identified with the urine samples. Abnormalities point to actute and chronic kidney failures and helps in identifying causes of chronic kidney disease.
  3. Imaging Tests- Imaging tests are performed to access the kidneys’ structure and size.
  4. Removal of a miniscule part of a kidney as a sample for testing- Kidney biopsy is used for removal of a portion of a kidney tissue as a sample. Mostly kidney biopsy is performed under local anesthesia where a long and thin needle is inserted through the patient’s skin and then into the kidney. Afterwards the sample is sent to lab for performing tests to deduce the cause or causes of kidney problem.

Treatment for the diseased associated with the kidney

Treatment varies according to the underlying causes. Some of the diseases associated with the kidney can be treated easily while chronic kidney diseases have no cure other than kidney transplantation. Treatment is usually undertaken to decrease the complications and for limiting the progression of the disease. In case where the kidney is severely damaged the patient might require end-stage kidney disease. 

Treatment of the cause

The healthcare professional (MedMonks) will devote energy and practice to slow down or limit the progression of the cause or causes of the patient’s kidney disease. The damage in the kidney can get worse due to some underlying condition like high blood pressure.

Treatment of the Symptoms

The symptoms are control to make the procedure of kidney treatment smooth for the patient.

Treatment Options may include-

  1. Medications for high blood pressure

Patient suffering from kidney disease may experience severe high blood pressure. The doctor usually recommend medications to lower the patient’s blood pressure. Most commonly Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) and Angiotensin 2 receptor blockers are suggested to the patient to preserve his/her kidney function. It is important to undertake frequent blood tests to monitor the kidney functions of the patient as the high blood pressure medications can initially decrease kidney functions and might also change electrolyte levels of the kidney. Sometime Diuretic (water pill), and regular maintenance of   low salt diet is suggested by the healthcare professionals.

  1. Medications to control Cholesterol levels

Medications are recommended by the doctor to lower patient’s cholesterol level. Patients suffering from chronic kidney disease often experience high levels of bad cholesterol that increases the risk of heart disease.

  1. Medications for treatment of anaemia-

There are situations where the doctor recommends supplements like Hormone Erythropoietin often with added iron, these supplements helps in the production of more Red Blood Cells that relieves fatigue and weakness associated with the anaemia.

  1. Medication for the treatment of the swelling-

Patients suffering from the chronic kidney disease have possibility that the fluids are retained in their body. Certain medications like diuretics helps in maintenance or balance of fluids components in the patient’s body.

  1. Medication for protection of patient’s bones-

The healthcare professional might prescribe vitamin D or Calcium supplements for prevention of the weak bones or to protect patient’s blood vessels from getting damaged.

  1. Consumption of the low protein diet to minimize accumulation of waste products in your body-

The biological function of the body includes processing of the protein from the food, that leads to the creation of the waste products that candidate’s kidney must filter from the candidate’s blood. The healthcare professional always suggest the suitable dietitian that can help in suggesting ways to lower the candidate’s protein intakes while maintaining a balance diet.

Follow-ups of the examinations also plays a vital part as sometimes healthcare professionals recommend that to analyse the condition and stability of the kidney.

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