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Stem Cell Therapy Treatment For Heart Diseases in India 

Treatment For Heart Diseases in India  

India has quickly risen to the forefront of medical treatment. It not only offers the best-in-class hospitals and services, but also the doctors, specialists and other medical staff are rated as the very best in the world.  

When it comes to advanced health treatments, the costs in India are vastly less compared to the West. Also, the treatment on offer in India complies with the latest international standards.  

What is Stem Cell Therapy? 

Stem Cell Therapy

We are all born different, and while some of us might enjoy the gift of perfect health, many others are not so lucky. Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) helps in the treatment of more than 80 disorders, non-serious to life threatening.  

Stem Cell Therapy involves procurement of stem cells from various sources to treat disorders where conventional treatments don’t prove to be very effective. The process involves procuring stem cells from a donor to help reconstitute the defect in the patient. 

Stem cells are generally procured either from the umbilical cord or from the bone marrow. Since 1988, vast strides have been made in stem cell therapy and a number of life-threatening diseases have been treated with good results.  

Stem Cell Therapy in India 

India has been excelling at R&D and with the Government’s focus on providing cheap medicines and alternatives to profit-oriented western medical-care giants, advanced treatments like Stem Cell Therapy have been at the forefront. With the way things are, Stem Cell Therapy looks set on its way to replace costly and ineffective conventional therapy treatments for a huge number of chronic and severe health issues. 

Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Diseases 

Heart diseases are caused when the heart loses its efficiency or it gets damaged. In such cases, it malfunctions in its task of pumping the blood through the circulatory system.  

Considering the heart, it is made with different types of cells. Researches have been studying these cells and identified three cell-types for the treatment of damaged heart tissues. These cells are: 

  • Cardiomyocytes: These muscle cells constitute the atria. They are the cells which form the beating muscles, in the chamber of heart through which blood enters the ventricles and from where the blood is pumped out of the heart to the rest of the body.
  • Endothelial Cells: These cells line the blood vessels and are responsible for delivering oxygen to cardiomyocytes.
  • Cardiac Pacemaker Cells: These cells send and receive electrical signals to allow the heart to beat perfectly in rhythm.

What is Congestive Heart Failure? 

Congestive Heart Failure is a general term given to a condition when the heart stops pumping the blood as it generally does. Usually the condition differs from person to person, but over time it can lead to complications. When the blood stops circulating fast enough, it leads to an increase in pressure in the heart. The heart chambers work to compensate this pressure, stretching to hold more blood, or with an increase in the thickness of the chamber walls. It then leads to a condition where the kidneys respond by retaining more salt and water.  

What causes Congestive Heart Failure? 

Congestive heart failure can result from a number of conditions, including heart attacks, drug and alcohol abuse and diseases that overwork  

How are stem cells used to treat heart diseases? 

Researchers have been continuously working to understand what happens in case of heart diseases and ways to develop solutions to prevent damage, to repair and to replace damaged cells and tissues.  

They do it by looking into the workings of the heart and finding the cells that play an important function in its effective operation. They also look into how different cells communicate with each other and also the way in which they respond to damage.  

With all their research inferences, stem cell researches have developed ways to undo the damage caused to the heart using various types of stem cell therapy methods. They are continuously working on ways to successfully replace or repair the damage to the heart tissue as a result of congestive heart failure or heart attacks. 

Some of the most common Stem Cell Therapy processes are: 

Cell Transplantation: This process involves transplanting donor cells to replace the damaged cells of the heart.  

Stimulating cardiomyocytes to regenerate: This process involves reprogramming of the heart’s original structural cells or scar tissues to convert it into cardiomyocytes. 

New cell delivery approaches: Various researches are ongoing for ways to develop increased acceptance and proper functioning of the transplanted cell tissue. 

In addition to the above, researchers are continuously working to identify the natural repair mechanism and to test ways that can improve repair functions for the heart. 

Stem Cell Therapy treatment for heart diseases in India

A non-surgical alternative to angioplasty and bypass surgery is cardiac regenerative therapy (also known as CR Therapy). The procedure involves a combination of cardiac stem cell therapy, laser induced angiogenic therapy, natural therapies and various other procedures which help remove blockages from the arteries in the body and help in regenerating the weak and damaged heart muscle cells. 

Normally, CR Therapy is recommended as an option to patients who suffer from coronary heart diseases or patients who are at a great risk of developing a heart condition due to their high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes or family history. 

What is the cost for the Stem Cell Treatment for Heart Diseases in India? 

While a heart disease treatment involving stem cells could cause up to $8000 (INR 5,12,160) in US, it costs around $6,000 (INR 3,84,120) in India. 

What is the success rate for Stem Cell Therapy? 

The success rate for stem cell therapy is between 60% – 80% throughout the globe. Factors that contribute to it include the disease which is to be treated, the hospital conducting the procedure and the condition of the patient.  

What is the post surgery recovery time? 

Stem cell therapy does not leave any damaging affects on the patient. Usually, they are allowed to leave a few hours after the administering of the treatment. They are required to stay in touch with the concerned physician for the next few days to get updates on their progress and to streamline recovery procedures if required. 

Which are the top Stem Cell Therapy centres for Heart Diseases in India? 

Advancells Stem Cell Therapy, Noida 

They focus mainly on therapeutic applications of the Stem Cell technology. They develop personalised treatment plans for every patient and involve them in every part of the protocol and guarantee transparency. 

Global Hospitals, Hyderabad 

Since 1998, Global Hospitals have focussed on being a super-speciality hospital, working on Multi-Organ Transplantation and specialities like Gastroentrology, Cardiology, Nephrology, and Urology. They are currently in the process of establishing large multi-speciality teritary care and transplant hospitals at Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, in addition to an expansion plan at Hyderabad.  

It is also the first corporate hospital to be recognised as a research centre by the R&D wings of the Department of Industrial Research Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. 

ADIGOS Stemcells, Mumbai 

ADIGOS offers a safe and successful stem cell therapy option to patients from all over the world. They specialise in treatment of many medical conditions, including heart diseases. 

Apollo Hospitals, Chennai 


In addition to treating a number of heart conditions, the renowned Apollo Hospitals also offers Transmyocardial Revascularisation, which is a new medical breakthrough in stem cell therapy. 

Moolchand Medcity, New Delhi 

Moolchand Medcity is a trust based hospital that treats more than 7,000 international patients every year. Also, it’s India’s first JCI and comprehensive NABH accredited hospital.  

Stem Cell Care, New Delhi 

StemCellCare India offers a vast variety of stem cell solutions towards the treatment of various types of diseases. Their main focus is on helping people to get back to their regular life through stem cell treatment. They also have associations with the leading hospitals, research institutions and medical colleges specialising in regenerative medicine to offer cost – effective healthcare. 

Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi 

The widely respected Apollo Hospitals chain offers Tranmyocardial Revascularisation [TMR], for the treatment of heart diseases, amongst other options that are available or under development. TMR surgery uses a laser to drill multiple (15-40) millimeter sized channels through the myocardium in order to increase the blood flow for patients with angina who may not be good candidates for Coronary bypass surgery. TMR is unique because it also uses autologous stem cells, to provide clinical benefit for these patients. 

Stem cell therapy is opening up many new avenues in treatment of heart diseases, with processes that are non-invasive and also in cases where earlier the only option was a heart transplant. In India, the research into treatment methods and practices is bringing to fruition many new practices and medicines which can bring relief to patients suffering from heart diseases. To know the latest in the world of stem cell research in India, or to identify stem cell therapy centres or hospitals that suit your need, feel free to contact us by filling this simple form here.

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