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Things Everyone should Know about Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is becoming rapidly common, and it demands maximum awareness from today’s men and women to prevent the disease.

What is breast cancer?

When a group of cancer cells mutate and start spreading in the cells of your breasts, it triggers breast cancer. It is known as the second leading cause for the death of women in today’s era. However, it is very rare in men, and according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, there are only 2,190 diagnoses every year. Early detection in case of breast cancer is the greatest boon that a patient can receive.

What are the causes?

•    Hormonal, lifestyle and environmental factors

•    Genetic history

•    Radiation exposure

•    Obesity

•    The onset of periods at an early age (less than 12)

•    Late menopause

•    Birth of first child at an older age (after 30)

•    No pregnancy all your life

•    Intake of excess alcohol

“Prevention is Better than Cure”

•    A discussion with your doctor should tell you if you should go for a screening or mammograms

•    Promptly discuss with your doctor if you find any unusual change in your breast.

•    A voluntary exam will increase your awareness and also eliminate risks since early detection is highly helpful.

•    Minimize alcohol intake

•    Exercise regularly, it eliminates most of the health problems

•    Avoid post-menopausal hormone therapy

•    Maintain a healthy weight and a healthy diet

The threats of Breast cancer in today’s society

1.    Alcohol consumption:

Studies have shown that alcohol consumption leads to breast cancer, and it accounts for more than 10% of breast cancer cases detected. Even a little consumption can lead to such a disease. We should, therefore, try to minimize its consumption as much as possible. Doctors claim that high levels of oestrogen hormone lead to cancer, which, alcohol boosts in our blood.

2.    Obesity:

Overweight and obese women are also threatened by the risk of breast cancer. More than 7 percent of breast cancer cases are caused because of obesity. Especially women who are obese and have crossed their menopause are exposed to a higher threat of breast cancer.

3.    Hormone replacement therapy

This also leads to breast cancer. Although it accounts for a small percentage, women who have undergone HRT are threatened by breast cancer.

4.    First pregnancy at an older stage

Although having children helps in eliminating the risk of breast cancer, if a woman has her first child at an older age (after 30), she has a minor risk to be affected by breast cancer. But this risk usually wears off if she goes on to conceive more children. 

5.    Lifestyle

A lot of unhealthy life choices and styles have a massive effect on our overall health. Things like inadequate sleep, untimely meals, excess junk food consumption etc. can also lead to abnormalities in our body. We should avoid extra and unnecessary stress and working on night shifts to maintain a healthy life.

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