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Top 10 Medical Tourism Companies in India

The medical tourism industry is expanding at a brisk pace in India. This has motivated dozens of investors to put their money and bets in this sector.

The sudden pool of medical tourism companies had helped in increasing the flow of medical tourists in India, but it has also increased the confusion in the minds of travelers. Already scared and overwhelmed by the idea of traveling in a diseased condition, they feel anxious by the results that pop up on the internet. So, today we have created a list of top 10 medical tourism companies in India to make this search a little easier for the patients.

Top 10 Medical Tourism Companies in India

  1. Medmonks


Medmonks is the best medical tourism company in India, which is headquartered in New Delhi. It is the oldest player in the medical travel assistance company, who caters healthcare assistance to patients from all over the world.

They offer and organize free video consultation services between the patient and the doctor before their arrival and after their departure (for follow-up care).

They are associated with more than 100 healthcare providers in India. This company ensures to provide top-notch, affordable and transparent high-quality services to its Medical Tourism clients seeking trustworthy travel partner in India. They takecare of every minute detail beginning from making visa arrangements to accommodation to other commutes requirements during a patient’s stay. The company provides 24*7 assistance and promises to render services right from the time of initial medical opinion to post-treatment check-ups. All these services and many more combined make it the No. 1 in the list of top 10 medical tourism companies in India.

  1. Indmed

Indmed Travel is the latest player to join the race of Medical Tourism in India, but they claim to be associated with over 100 plus hospitals in India which is more than Vaidam.

Their key strength of the company is its free support that it offers to their patients. They provide Free Treatment Cost estimations, Consultation with best doctors, and helps international patients with medical visa approvals and medical insurance.

Despite being a startup, it is working very hard to transform into the next biggest Medical Tourism Company in India.

  1. MediConnect

MediConnect has been honored by Ministry of Tourism (Indian Government) with ‘National Tourism Award’ twice in 2009-10 & 2010-11. MediConnect India is a well-known medical tourism company that provides complete assistance to foreign patients, from the initial healthcare opinion to their post-treatment checkup. MediConnect is the most experienced patient management company who have been helping medical tourists coming to India for several years now.


  1. Vaidam

This organization is currently the only ISO registered Patient Travel Management Company in India that is incredibly centered around the patient getting the correct consideration from the best specialists and hospitals in India.

The USP of Vaidam is that they are very transparent about the expenses as they have listed each and every medical procedure with its cost on their website, giving patients an approximate of the estimated expenses for treatment including airfare, medical visa fees, accommodation, food and everyday commute.

  1. Tour2India4Health

This company claims to be the No.1 Medical Value provider in India and undoubtedly, they are quite good at it. It is also the first Medical Value Provider which was recognized by Indian Government.

Tour2India4Health aims to offer international patients premium medical facilities in India. They understand that each patient has his unique concerns and needs, and their experienced team provides modified services to every patient in a way that is caring, compassionate and culturally appropriate.

  1. IndiCure

IndiCure was founded in 2006 by IndiCure Health Tours Pvt. Ltd. The company was started with an aim to provide unique solutions to international patients for their treatment in India. This is the only medical tourism in India which was nominated for ‘TATA NEN Hottest Start-ups’ (2008) & chosen for representing India at the World Medical Tourism Conference which is organized by FAFTA in Korea. They are known for providing excellent patient-care management services.


  1. TourMyIndia

This Medical Tourism Company is among the leading Inbound Travel Companies. Tour My India provides extended services in the field of Medical Tourism. The company helps patients arrange everything from visa to their treatment plan in India.




  1. TransEarth Medical Tourism

The TransEarth Medical Tourism company ensure that their patients receive the best medical care in India. They aspire to unify a team that could provide the highest standards of medical brilliance. They connect patients to the best hospitals which are renowned for treating patients using advanced equipment and latest technologies.

They are a very reliable medical tourism agency; patients will just have to sit back and relax, as the company’s executives do all the ground work for them.


  1. Forerunners Healthcare

Forerunner healthcare is an Indian medical tourism company in India that provides straightforward healthcare services to patients without any complexities. The low cost simple booking process, low risk, systematic service, lowest infection rates, etc. are some of the main USPs of the company. They are very responsive and reactive to the patient’s requirements. Their focus is to deliver excellent healthcare facilities to international patients.


  1. Health Opinion

Health Opinion is one of the top 10 Medical Tourism Companies in India and the best in Chennai, because of its extraordinary contribution towards the development of healthcare sector in India. They are associated with the best hospitals in India that are known for providing comprehensive care to the patients. They take responsibility for the patient’s safe  recovery, taking care of all their requirements throughout their stay. They are one of the most popular medical tourism company in south India.

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