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2 Weeks Pregnant

There is no baby in the second stage. However, your next ovulation occurs within the  14 days of your last menstrual cycle. You will be able to conceive faster if you engage in coitus with your partner when you are ovulating. Couples can keep track of their periods and ovulating cycles using ovulation calculators. 

Symptoms of Pregnancy in the second week

You will feel the following symptoms in the second week of your pregnancy which may go on till fourth or fifth week.

Irregular body temperature (Instant drop and spike)

Breast Soreness or Tenderness

Increase in the sense of smell

Variation in the quantity or color of the vaginal discharge

Light Spotting

Pelvic ache

Increase Sex Drive

Cervical Changes

What’s going on in my body?

You are 14 days past your last menstrual cycle, and your FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luteinising Hormone) start to rise which stimulates the follicles production in the ovary. These follicles contain fluid-filled sacs which preserve the eggs – although only one of them turns to grow larger and produce the egg. That follicle also produces the estrogen that makes the womb lining thicker which helps in aiding the implantation of the egg.

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In 24 hours when the egg releases one of the 200 million sperms will swim to penetrate the egg. Reading it, one might consider it to be a simple process, but the sperm has to travel for one hour to reach the egg going through vagina, cervix, fallopian tube and then finally it penetrates the egg. Only 400 of these sperms are actually able to make it to the egg, and only one enters the out membrane of the egg. 

What happens next?

Once the sperm gets to the egg, its nucleus will merge with egg, sticking to it for the next 10-30 hours. Fun fact this is when the sex of the child gets determined. If the sperm is carrying the X chromosome, the baby will be a girl, and if it is a Y chromosome, you will have a baby boy. 

What is the baby doing?

There is still no baby in the ovary as the eggs and sperm haven’t fertilized yet. However, you are ovulating right now, making it the best time for you to start trying to make babies.

Two Week Ultrasound

Just like the first week, no image can be seen in the second week in ultrasound because there is no baby yet. However, as the layers of the cells will start forming it would be visible in the ultrasound.

Tips for conceiving a baby

Most females are ovulating furiously within 14 days of their last menstrual cycle, making it the ideal time for the couples to start trying and get on the baby making fun. We suggest couples to do some research and try some of the best sex position to get pregnant. Studies have revealed that certain sex positions can help in allowing the sperm to get closer to the cervix. It was also revealed that orgasms help in drawing more sperm because of the contractions.   

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