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Vaping Culture: Good or Bad

If you have considered or planned on quitting smoking, then you’re not alone. Seven out of 10 smokers make this promise to themselves, and their loved ones on a monthly/ yearly basis.

Most smokers know about all the health threats that smoking comes with, and why wouldn’t they, even the product’s packing comes with a warning. Smoking causes a negative impact on nearly every organ inside the body, including the heart. Approximately one-third of deaths caused by heart diseases are a result of either smoking or secondhand smoke.

But we are not, talking about smoking today; instead, we will be discussing whether vaping can help smokers quit their bad habit for good or not.

Vaping was introduced as an attempt to stop or at least reduce smoking, but today it has become one of the biggest phenomena.

When e-cigarettes first appeared in the market, they were promoted as a safer alternative to smokers that can potentially help them kick away the deadly habit.

Fast forward to 2019; the ‘Juul Vape device’ has taken over ¾ of the USA e-cigarette market.

The biggest problem with vaping – is its marketing because of which, it is considered safe and young teens are also indulging in the trend. Even adults don’t feel guilty vaping in front of their kids as they assume that it’s completely safe. The trend has been adopted globally.

What is Vaping?

E-cigarettes might be safer compared to a cigarette, but that doesn’t make them completely harmless.

According to studies, it was found that 2000 people involved in a study really quit smoking a couple of months after they started using e-cigarettes.

Researches claim that despite substituting nicotine vapes with cigarettes, people were found to have the same health threats as they would if they smoked.

E-cigarettes, run on batteries. The device heats up the flavourings, nicotine and other chemicals present in it that turns into a vapour which people can breathe in. Many chemicals present in the vapor can increase the risk of cancer. Some of these chemicals may include heavy metals, formaldehyde, and particles that can get stuck in its user’s lungs when they are vaping.

The exact amount of chemical intake with each drag can’t be determined as every brand uses a different manufacturing technique. However, the level of cancer risk is much lower than a cigarette. But some studies have revealed that high-voltage e-cigarettes may hold more formaldehyde and other toxic substances than the standard vaping device.

How does an E-cigarette work?

Electronic cigarettes put nicotine inside its user’s lungs and bloodstream. These devices do this without generating the tar and smoke involved in a regular cigarette. But there are other harmful things/ chemicals that can get access to its user’s body when they vape, especially if they use flavoured cigarettes. Some chemicals used in the composition of e-cigarettes can also cause irritation in the lungs.

According to some studies using flavourings like cinnamon were responsible for causing inflammation in 80% of the patients lung cells. But more research work is required on the subject for understanding the permanent health risks of vaping.

WHO Claims

In 2008, when E-Cigarette was initially introduced into the market, they were aggressively criticized by WHO for including claims of being an effective smoking cessation aid in their marketing, as no scientific research was held to back or confirm the efficacy and safety of the product.

Soon studies were funded, and one conducted by Ruyan, an E-cigarette manufacturer, declared the device to be 100 to 1000 times safer compared tobacco, adding that while using the product the nicotine is absorbed from the upper airways.

However, this battle has continued ever since, and WHO has talked about the threats it might exhibit.

In 2012, this discussion was fired up again, as US Centers for Disease Control declared that use of vapes among high school students has doubled in 2011 – 2012. And these numbers have only increased ever since.

Is Vaping Safe?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question, while some people were able to quit smoking, others continued it while vaping, adding another threat to their lungs. In some cases, non-smokers have adopted this habit and have become addicted to ‘Juul culture‘.

Researchers worry that electronic cigarette’s use might distract smokers from using proven effective methods to kick away their tobacco habit. Some might become more prone to smoking as they might believe themselves to be healthy while using E-cigarette with it.

While E-cigarettes are not as harmful as a cigarette, they too come with a certain set of health threats, which shouldn’t be ignored by people, as these devices are being used by middle and high school kids.   

It is important parents educate kids, and keep such products out of their hands. Use of e-cigarette has become a trend when at best, it can be considered a slightly less dangerous alternative for tobacco smoking, which leads to them getting at risk of developing other medical diseases.  


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